When screening tenants, it is important to have a list of criteria to determine if a person is going to be a good tenant. There are some legal reasons when a landlord can reject a tenant application. However, it is important to focus on adhering to the Fair Housing Laws. Here are some of the legal reasons when a tenant application can be rejected:
– Failure to meet income requirements
– Pets
– Smoking
– Criminal History
– Cannot verify income
– Credit report red flags (tenant refusing to have their credit report pulled)
– False information filled out on the application
– Bad credit score

The best ways to screen potential tenants is to start with a good rental application. The application needs to be the same for everyone that applies for the property in order to comply with Fair Housing Laws. The right tenant will fill out the rental application with the following information:
– Employment history including how often they are changing jobs
– Income level and verification
– Bank account information and credit history information showing if they meet monthly payments, or they are falling behind
– References that you are able to talk about, like their previous landlord
– Information about their lifestyle that may cause issues like pets, smoking, or the number of occupants

If a tenant is refusing to answer any of the application questions, landlords can reject the application. Tenants trying to hide something always try and avoid answering all of the questions. Pulling a credit report is one way to help identify some areas that might be concerning, and being able to bring them to a conversation with the prospective tenant.

Contacting the previous landlord is one of the best ways to screen rental applications. Many times a former landlord can provide information about the payment history of the tenant, how they behaved, what type of issues they dealt with when they rented, and more. As you can put together more of a complete history of the potential tenant, it will allow you to identify the best ones from others that may lead to serious problems.

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