Landlords have several requirements that must be met when it comes to providing tenants with a safe, habitual living environment. The Fair Housing Act was amended in 1988 to include updated reasonable accommodations to provide individuals with disabilities the right to enjoy and use their housing equally to other tenants. We have put together some of the common reasonable accommodations requests landlords often encounter include.

Service and Support Animals

Many landlords have a “no-pet policy” to reduce concerns animals can bring to property. However, some individuals have service and support animals that are needed for their quality of life. If a tenant has a required use for service or emotional support animals, they are considered an exception to the rule.

Unit Transfer

If a tenant with a disability request asks to be transferred to another unit for medical necessity, landlords must comply by offering a unit of equal value. Quite often tenants with disabilities ask for ground-floor units so they do not need to climb stairs to get to their unit.


There are certain tenants with a need for 24-hour caregiver requirements. When a person submits a request for a live-in caregiver, it must be granted by landlords unless it will cause undue financial and administrative burden. A rent increase is not permissible when a caregiver is a necessity for the tenant.


Some tenants have disabilities that cause them to be on social security as their primary source of income. Since social security payments can come on the third day of the month, or even later, they can request a new rent payment date to avoid expensive late fees and risk eviction for continual late payments for rent.

Parking Spaces

Tenants with disabilities can ask housing provides to create or designate a parking space for them. A tenant can make the request as it can assist in their daily living. Landlords must comply with this request as long as it does not cause undue financial burden and administrative burden to create the space.

Reasonable Modification Request

When a tenant needs modification to their unit based on disability need, they can submit a request for property adjustment. In some situations, it may be a simple modification such as installing grab bars or modifying a bathroom door that may be too narrow for wheelchairs to pass through. North Dallas Keyrenter Property Management is here to assist tenants and landlords with reasonable accommodation requests. Contact our office to discuss your situation, and find out how we can help you with effective property management services.