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Are you searching for a property management company to oversee your rental property in Plano, Texas?

There are many complexities that come with Plano property management. You need to know and understand housing laws, select the best possible tenants, and handle complex accounting to properly navigate property mangement.

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All this needs to be done while ensuring that the needs and requests of your tenant are handled in a timely manner.

You can feel the weight that comes with choosing to self-manage your real estate property. Without the property experience, industry knowledge, and resources, Plano property management might become a challenge. Get in touch with the best property management company, Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas.

Our professional property managers are a market leader in the Plano property management industry, committed to offering exceptional services to our clients. If you need help with property marketing, rent collection, financial reporting or finding qualified tenant, we have the best property managers for the job. We are focused on customer service, integrity, and 100% client satisfaction.

Our corporate values are an extension of the values that are embodied in our individual team members. In addition, Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas only employs the best to add to our real estate property management service skills. All our property experts are extremely qualified, experienced, and committed to quality customer service. 

Our Range of Plano Property Management Services

As a market leader in the Plano property industry, Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas offers a wide range of real estate property management services. To give you an idea of the Plano property management services that we offer, some of them have been described below:

Tenant Management

A tenant’s demands come at whatever time of day or night. You might be enjoying the company of friends and family or asleep only to be disturbed by a call from your tenant. The issue? The neighbor on the second floor is playing her music too loud.

Tenant management is one of the benefits of hiring Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas. We will handle all tenant complaints and requests as part of our real estate services. Our communication channels are always manned, regardless of the time of day or night.

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In addition, we guarantee to always communicate with your tenants on possible delays in the offering of a particular service.

With Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas, you’re assured a happy tenant.

Collection of Rent

How will you be able to achieve your real estate investment goals? Through the full and prompt collection of rent from your Plano, TX rental property and our management services for both residential and commercial properties.

While it may seem like a basic real estate responsibility, rent collection has its challenges and requires an experienced and expert company. Who better to rely on than the #1 property management company in Plano, Texas? Keyrenter North Dallas will also deal with any rent defaulters from your property. In most cases, diligent and professional communication is the solution.

However, should the issue escalate, we will not hesitate to use stricter tactics. It is our duty as your property manager to protect your investment property from any possible financial pitfall, including financial reporting.

Eviction Proceedings

Rental property owners shy away from the issue of eviction but, sometimes, it can be a necessary action if you want to protect your investment. You might have rented out your space to problematic tenants who doesn’t pay their rent on time or fails to maintain the property.

Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas will take care of every step of the eviction process. Our professional team knows the Texas State Landlord-Tenant Rules in and out. We will follow its provisions on evictions to the letter to ensure that the eviction process is legal.

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Property Inspections and Maintenance

All tenants wants to live in a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing property. This view also applies to landlords. They want to pride themselves on such a property. It’s also in your best interest to properly maintain your investment properties.

What owners don’t know is that it requires discipline, time, and industry knowledge. Unburden yourself of such anxieties by calling upon the premier property management company in Plano, TX, Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas to handle your property maintenance needs.

To ensure your rental property is well cared for, we perform regular inspections of every property in our portfolio. Routine inspections allow us to detect any defects beforehand, reducing the cost of overall maintenance on the client.

All property defects are handled by our in-house team. However, for more complex defects e.g. foundation defects, HVAC, and plumbing, we have partnered with a team of local, professional handymen whose quality of workmanship in Plano, Texas is unmatched.

Lease Preparation and Administration

Keyrenter Property Management North Dallas prepares comprehensive and customized lease agreements for our Plano, TX clients. The lease agreement is a key document, outlining the obligation and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant to each other. It is a legally binding document, recognizable by law.

The lease agreement must adhere to the provisions of local, state, and federal law. Our team of property managers will prepare a detailed contract that takes into consideration the unique elements of your Plano rental properties and the landlord-tenant relationship.

Before the tenant moves in, we will ensure that the lease document has been signed and that all necessary payments have been done.

Living in Plano, Texas

When it comes to sunshine, there are few places on the Continental U.S that come close. Living in Plano, Texas guarantees you 300+ days of sunshine and blue skies. Except for a few days at the end of the year, you can move around in light clothing all year round.

Plano is a melting pot of culture. Whether you are from the West or up-North, you can be assured of easy integration into the community. There is a diverse and amicable community that welcomes renters and new property owners with open arms.

Just because there are no beaches in Plano doesn’t mean residents don’t have any options when it comes to outdoor recreation. Plano outdoes its neighbors with its several parks, hiking trails, and abundant green spaces.

There are several notable mentions such as the Oak Point Park, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Chisholm Trail, and Bluebonnet Trail.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Keyrenter North Dallas is proud to serve the following areas in Texas: Addison, Allen, Arlington, Carrollton, Forney, Frisco, McKinney, Fairview, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Little Elm, Murphy, Richardson, Park Cities, Sherman, The Colony and Prosper.