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Keyrenter North Dallas is has its headquarters in Dallas. Under our management, rental property owners can expect their Carrollton rental home to be treated as carefully as if it were our own. We designed an outstanding property management and client service program that aims to attract long-term renters to your investment property.

We welcome all types of properties to manage such as single-family homes, townhouses, condo units, apartment complexes or commercial properties. We review your rental rate and help you set the optimal price for maximum earnings.

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Under our full service property management, vacancies, property damages and tenant complaints are minimal.  We’re responsive in addressing problems revolving around your renters and your Carrollton rental home.

As a result-oriented team, you can expect us to be armed with professional skills and the best technology in the industry. Our systems from marketing, screening to rent collection are created to be efficient. Keyrenter North Dallas continues to upgrade our knowledge by being active members of NARPM.

Even if you’re a remote property owner, hiring the property managers Keyrenter North Dallas inspects your rental on a regular basis. Maintenance is also prioritized for you Carrollton rental property. We strive to keep it orderly. Leak repairs and gutter cleaning will be performed to prevent your property from deterioration.

Having a trusted property management team is more advantageous than self-managing your Carrollton rental home. Your time will be better spent attending to other significant areas of your life. We accomplish the essential tasks while ensuring you’re adhering to the landlord-tenant laws.

Let us take care of your Carrollton rental home. You can call us today at (972) 752 2345. You can also email us at [email protected]. We create a great environment that encourages positive cash flow and loyalty from your tenants!

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Our Property Management Services

If self-managing your Carrollton rental home is running you down, Keyrenter North Dallas is here to offer our excellent property management services in advertising, tenant screening, rent collection and property maintenance and repair.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you engage our services:

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

The sooner you find great tenants for your Carrollton rental home or investment properties, the more you maximize the earnings from your real estate investment. The team of residential property managers at Keyrenter North Dallas has marketing expertise. We create the right ads that focus on the selling points of your property.

Our low record of under 5% rental vacancies is a testament to our strategic marketing skills. With advertising experience, we know what tools to use to attract more prospects. We spare no effort in posting ads online and offline through property listings, yard signs and spreading the word to our network.

2. Tenant Screening Process

To ensure that the tenant you pick is suitable, a tenant interview procedure must be conducted. For your Carrollton rental home, Keyrenter North Dallas will apply our 14 step screening process. This detailed system is employed so you avoid financial loss and property damages caused by a neglectful and irresponsible tenant. We want to ensure that you only place qualified tenants in your rental home.

Our process involves examining credit history, employment, doing background checks and verifying the income of prospective tenants. Compared to others property management companies, we don’t stop there. Calling up previous landlords is also part of our process. We want to find out how the tenants have treated the rental space they vacated in the past, if they pay rent on time, and overall if they will be quality tenants.

3. Lease Preparation

A good lease is specific to your Carrollton rental home. A lot of landlords use templates and this can save one’s time but it can also be generic. Keyrenter North Dallas drafts a leasing agreement that’s suitable to your rental properties.

We do research to understand how much rent should be charged for your unit, in order to quickly fill vacant properties with qualified tenants. 

Terms and conditions will be clear. Rental policies will also be specific. The leasing contract will also protect our property owners since it will incorporate the current landlord-tenant laws in Texas including the local regulations. The leasing agreement will be discussed thoroughly with the new tenants.

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4. Rent Collection

An efficient rent collection fuels more improvements for your Carrollton properties. If the payments are less forthcoming, this can keep you from your goal of gaining consistent income.

Keyrenter North Dallas sets up an effective system of collecting the rent promptly. We want to ensure that you are paid promptly every time rent is due. We make paying rent easy and accessible.

Convenient payment channels are opened that encourage renters to pay on time. If rent payments are delayed, we send a notice to the tenant and find out more about the situation. We follow the legal process and have resolutions in place. If evictions can’t be avoided, we will attend to the paperwork and represent you in court for your peace of mind.

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5. Property Repairs & Maintenance

To maintain the attractive element of your Carrollton rental home, it needs to be looked after often. Performing maintenance in a timely manner is important to keep up with tenants needs. Keyrenter North Dallas has the time and resources to attend to property issues.  We have a team of trusted vendors to perform vital property repairs.

We conduct regular property inspections to find out the existence of damages. Even if the problem is minor, we immediately address it. This leads to plenty of savings for the landlord along with detailed financial reports on what is causing the expense. The larger a problem becomes, the more costly it is. We want too avoid surprise costs for our property owners, and offer them peace of mind with their investment. 

About Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton is a part of 3 counties in Texas, namely Denton, Dallas and Collin. It encompasses a total area of 37.1 square miles where 36.3 square miles is made up of land while the rest of 0.81 square miles is covered in water.

Residents enjoy settling in Carrollton for its central location and great real estate opportunities. They can take advantage of the conveniences of big city amenities due to its close proximity to Plano and Frisco. The airport is also nearby so catching flights is relatively easier. Residents also appreciate the multiple outdoor recreational activities, green spaces, top cuisine and culture in Carrollton.

Here are interesting things to see in Carrollton, Texas:

  1. Historic Downtown Carrollton
  2. A.W. Perry Homestead
  3. Nob Hill Greenbelt
  4. Green Trail
  5. Elm Fork Nature Preserve
  6. Jimmy Porter Discgolf Park
  7. Coyote Ridge Golf Club
  8. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
  9. Cavanaugh Flight Museum
  10. Addison Circle Park

(Source: Wikipedia)

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