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Being a successful rental property owner in Arlington, TX doesn’t require you to put in long hours dealing with property issues and problems. After all, you might not have the property management expertise or experience to deal with such issues.  

For your Arlington, TX rental, consider hiring the expert property management company, Keyrenter North Dallas. Our company has been operating in the local area for several years and is known for quality services, accountability, and integrity of its managers.

To survive in the evolving Arlington property market, Keyrenter North Dallas offers tech-oriented solutions to property management. We use the latest systems and software to give your tenants convenience and also allow you to access pertinent property information at a moment’s notice.

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Keyrenter North Dallas is a locally owned property management company with ties to the area. Our property services are charged competitively making them affordable to a wide range of clients. Get in touch with us and inquire about our property management services.

Our Arlington Property Management Services

Offering quality property management solutions to clients in Dallas and its suburbs, Keyrenter North Dallas is considered the premier management company for every service in the rental industry. We offer a wide range of property solutions and leasing services to ensure that your every property need is well met.

Here are some of the solutions that we offer as a part of our service:

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

From our experience managing property in Arlington and beyond, the secret to a successful property leasing venture is the quality of the tenants on your property. You need a renter who can pay their rent on time and comply with the terms of the lease agreement. In short, a high-quality tenant is a service to your success.

How can you identify a high-quality tenant? You need to have a screening solution in place. Since you don’t have the tools and expertise to screen your potential tenants, you can rely on Keyrenter North Dallas. We will perform a background check, rental history check, income & employment check, credit history, and sex offender check.

Screening involves accessing personal information about a renter. Our team adheres to the provisions and regulations set by the Fair Housing Laws.

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Tenant Move-in Inspection

Each owner wishes that their property be maintained in a reasonable manner, bar the effects of wear and tear. This is possible through a move-in inspection. With the tenant, a member from Keyrenter North Dallas will inspect every space of the property and every appliance. The goal is to confirm the condition and also portray to the tenant the expectations we have of them during inspections.

After the move-in inspection, our team will give the tenants neighborhood tips such as where the nearest ATM is and how to beat the morning traffic if they are moving in a certain direction. Information about the location is critical to determine its value and evaluate any financial statements.

We also help you handle property maintenance and maintenance requests for your investment properties. Property owners always have peace of mind when they partner with us and have access to repairs, kind service, and anything else owners could want.

Collection of Rent

Rental income is described as the essence of rental property investment. It is only when rent is collected on time and in full can an investor be assured of recouping their money and meeting their goals.

With Keyrenter North Dallas as your property manager, owners can be assured of prompt and full collection of rent every month as part of our management services. We will take care of the entire process, from the processing of reminders to the collection.

Should there be any late payers or defaulters, our professional property managers have the training to professionally deal with the matter. We also provide year-end statements for your tenants as a part of our business and make it available to your personal account.

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Legal Compliance

Choosing to be a landlord is not just about marketing a property and collecting that ‘sweet rent’ every month or quarter. The county authorities, the State, and the Federal government have set rules on how owners are to lease your unit and said rules must be followed to a t.

Rely on Keyrenter North Dallas to stay abreast of any legal development and advise you on how you will stay compliant.


Believe it or not, the eviction of a renter is a possibility for every Arlington property owner. A quality tenant may change in character or personality, delaying on the rental payment or breaking the property rules. To protect your investment, the best option is to evict the tenant, and we provide help as a service.

Eviction of a tenant in Arlington must comply with the provisions of the TX Landlord-Tenant rules. With Keyrenter North Dallas as your property manager, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will ensure that the eviction is done legally and that your property is available again to be rented.  

Living in Arlington, TX

If you are looking for a smaller city to move to without compromising on the big city lifestyle, Arlington is the city that you should consider.

Located about 20 to 30 minutes from either of Fort Worth or Dallas, Arlington is a lively city that offers modern amenities without the hustle of a big city. The city has diverse recreational options, green spaces, and enjoys a vibrant economy.

The city of Arlington has grown steadily and know boasts a vibrant job market, a stable economy, and single-digit unemployment figures. This is ideal for any investor looking to invest in Arlington real estate. You are assured that your potential tenant have the financial capability to meet your rent as well as your other financial expectations.

Arlington enjoys close to 300 days of good sunshine and weather. The favorable climates makes you want to leave the house and enjoy the numerous recreational options available to you as an Arlington resident. Tempest Tours, River Legacy Parks, and Hurricane Harbor are some of the local favorites.

Natural recreational options are not the only entertainment options available in Arlington. The city is known as the go-to place for recreation and entertainment thanks to the proximity of the UTA College. If you want to wind down on the weekend, the best place to be is downtown Arlington.

Are you a fan of professional sports? If you are a sports fanatic, you should have moved to Arlington, TX yesterday. Arlington is the home to the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys. You can enjoy a beautiful game almost every weekend of the year. Contact us today for more information.

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